While building commercial, multi-family, and single-family properties, we are also building relationships and trustworthiness in business.

As a smaller construction operation, we are able to focus on and build excellent relationships with our clients and our contractors.  We are also committed to and uphold the highest standard of ethics in business in the way we run our operation every single day. Because of our business practices, we have not only created trustworthiness with our clients but with everyone, we work with throughout all phases of commercial and residential construction and development.   Our team is able to pay close attention to the budget and crunch numbers while operating with the highest ethical standards.

JB Chisum Company, Inc. is a commercial and residential construction and development company that is building beautiful, comfortable living spaces for all.

Commercial and Multi-Family Building & Development

From preconstruction, throughout the entire commercial construction process, to post-construction, you can rely on JB Chisum Company to consult and guide until the project is complete. With the reliable contractor partnerships, we have established we continue to develop and construct quality, beautiful commercial and multi-family apartment living while closely monitoring construction expenses in order to stay within budgetary guidelines or come in below budget.

Residential & Custom Home Building

From our initial meeting to final construction, JB Chisum Company takes a personalized approach to business from homeowner interaction to working with our contractors throughout all phases of the home building and construction process. We have nurtured and secured excellent partnerships with a great group of talented contractors which allows us the ability to construct quality, comfortable, personalized homes of varying styles and sizes to suit your individual needs and budget.

Hands-on Approach to the Construction & Building Experience

We offer a unique, personalized, hands-on approach to the construction experience that the larger construction operations are unable to offer their clients.

Operating Within Budget

We utilize the latest technology in specialized bidding software that allows us to be as accurate as possible in the bidding process. We focus on staying within budgetary guidelines and often come in below budget.

Upholding the Highest Standard of Ethics & Trustworthiness in Business

As part of our commitment to ethical business practices, we confidently stand behind our work and offer our clients a written warranty in every contract.

Education & Training

To stay on top of the changes in construction, our team participates in numerous continuing education programs, manufacturer certification programs and various industry-related trade shows throughout the year.